Cecilia Vicuña and I initiated a recorded Trialog conversation in March 2017, in conjunction with the Ritual Seminar we were invited to teach for Elective Affinities at A.S.F.A, the Athens School of Visual Arts, during documenta 14.

After documenta, we have continued this conversation that really began in 2004, in what we call our "Quantum Breakfasts", a dialog where a third voice appears.

James O'Hern

Spin-Spin Triangulene

Oil painting by Cecilia Vicuña: Angel de la Menstruación, 1973.

In this work the "angel" enters an altered state of consciousness while staying grounded in reality, therefore her shamanic body spins in opposite directions at the same time.

Scientists recently created a "triangulene"; two entangled molecules that spin in opposite directions, allowing quantum calculations to be made.…er-quantum-computers/

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