Alejandro Lavanderos

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Teacher and founder of the National Conservatory of Music CNDM . Pupil of Pierre- Yves Artaud and former scholarship from the French government owns First Prize in Flute Instrumental Pedagogy in the Post Degree and Post Degree in Instrumental Perfecting the Regional National Conservatory of Boulogne - Billancourt and the Ecole Normal de Musique " Alfred Cortot "in Paris . He has been professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and the Modern School of Music . Founder of wind quintet Ensemble XXI of the Catholic University of Chile, Antara Music Project and Flute Orchestra of Chile has also been the driving force and manager exchange agreement between the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris and Catholic University of Chile. He was invited to the Masters in Musical Creation, New Technologies and Traditional Arts, National University of Tres de Febrero , Argentina teacher. He is artistic director of the Festival " Presences of Contemporary Music of Latin America," encounters "Forum Flute " and the Festival Musical Chiloé. He chairs the Chilean Council of Music Research Network and America Musical Creating RICMA and executive secretary of the Music Council of the Three Americas COMTA . As a performer occurs in different festivals, meetings and concerts in Chile and abroad (France, Italy, Germany , Brazil, Argentina , Peru , Mexico , Ecuador , Bolivia and Paraguay ) . More than 40 works of Chilean and foreign composers would have been dedicated renewing the repertoire and using the tool in their country being the pioneer in incorporating traditional instruments systematized in contemporary musical creation. He has recorded the CD's " Echoes , works by Chilean composers for flute and piano ", " Antara , new music in America" ​​, " Antara , the textures of sound" and prepares the CD " Works for assembly flutes Latin American composers ," selected competition by 2012 FONDART he teaches Music Career Valparaiso University and chair of flute at the Music Institute of the Catholic University of Valparaiso.