Daniel Kirwayo

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Daniel Kirwayo is a musician, composer, arranger, adapter, and one of the most distinguished Ayacuchano guitarists.

He fell captive to music at an early age, when his mother sang traditional tunes to him.

He also carries in his blood the musical heritage from his father, Manuel Quirhuayo. At the age of ten Daniel began his musical education, teaching himself to play guitar and other stringed instruments, and recorded very young his first LP. After establishing his career in Peru, he performed in South America, Bolivia, Argentina, in the U.S.A. and Europe.

In 1980 after a tour of Europe, he decided to move to France, where he lived and worked for 18 years. He then returned to Peru, and now lives in Lima. He continues to perform international music, and traditional Peruvian music in a contemporary style.

Daniel is a renowned luthier, and he plays his own instruments, made with select woods.