Leonel Lienlaf

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Lionel Lienlaf is the most renown Mapuche Williche poet of Chile. He was born in Alepue, and lives in Villarrica. He writes and sings his poems in Mapudungun and translates them into Spanish.

His books include: Se ha despertado el ave de mi corazón” 1989, and “Palabras Soñadas” 2001.

He has been translated into English in “ÜL: Four Mapuche Poets” edited by Cecilia Vicuña, LALRP, 1997. His poetry has been widely anthologized.

He co-edited “Voces Mapuches, published by Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, 2002.

His CD “Canto y Poesía Mapuche” was published in l998.

Most recently he created a new form of museography, a poetic script for the new exhibition at the Museo Mapuche de Cañete.

“Se ha despertado el ave de mi corazón

Extendió sus alas y se llevó mis sueños

[ para abrazar la tierra.”

Nepey ñi güñüm piuke Lapümu ñi müpü