Indigenous oral knowledge


Oral cultures are depicted as inferior to written cultures. This judgment is based primarily on the false assumption that written (and digitally recorded) repositories of information are vastly larger than for oral cultures that rely on living memory. As Walter Ong, a leading language scholar, says:

                 "Writing, commitment of the word to space, enlarges the potentiality of language almost beyond measure....a power far exceeding that of any purely oral dialect".

While Ong is correct in regard to classic information, this perspective does not take into account the magnitude of quantum information contained in the collective wisdom of the indigenous.  Oral cultures worldwide have an attunement to the invisible factors and their interconnectedness with all of the elements of their environment.

Science has been reluctant to accept the reality of energies and events inexplicable by classical methods.  However, there is an increasing awareness and acceptance of the reality of "quantum weirdness" and the limitations of its own determinsitic methods.  Today, science is being challenged to go beyond the Standard Model of particle physics as are other areas of science including: mathematics, geometry, anthropology, and the social sciences.