Cecrea creative laboratories and creative experiences

In the framework of Cecilia Vicuña's exhibition, the Creation Centers program, of the Department of Education of the Ministry of Arts, Cultures and Heritage, is working on realizing Cecrea creative laboratories and creative experiences, inspired by the exhibition "Soñar el agua. A retrospective of the future", by national artist Cecilia Vicuña.

The focalization of the centers was carried out in Cecrea La Ligua, Vallenar, Valdivia, and Castro. Five artists and collectives participated: Brigada Textil, Inés Galecio, Fernanda Aguilera, Colectivo Tinta negra-Estampa, and Anto Taulis.

It was proposed to work in four Creation Centers on the project "Dreaming water. A retrospective of the future", by the national artist Cecilia Vicuña, being the main framework. The implementation of creative laboratories and creative experiences with children and young people, whose contents are inspired by the artistic processes of the artist Cecilia Vicuña and facilitated by a local artist.

Components addressed

I.-Call Basuritas: territorial collection of garbage within the framework of the national call of the MNBA:

-Participants: Cecrea La Ligua, Valdivia and Castro.

-Design of call for proposals and dissemination at Cecrea

-Regional waste collection

-Shipment of garbage to MNBA before April.

II.-Creative laboratories within the framework of "Dreaming water. A retrospective of the future" by Cecilia Vicuña.

The research and reflection process for the approach and implementation of these laboratories in the four Cecreas will be based on an initial stage of identification of key concepts of the territory, which will then be put in relation to conceptualizations and questions proposed by the work of national artist Cecilia Vicuña. With this first matrix and also with the information that emerges from the focused creative listening that will take place in each of the four Cecreas, the ideation of the creative laboratory will be composed, to move on to the methodological design, which should be based on the methodological framework of the Cecrea program.


1.- Cecrea Castro

NIEBLA, a laboratory on the body, water, earth and cosmos that invites to think about the care of nature. Facilitated by Inés Galecio.

Date and times

Monday June 12 and Monday June 19, 7°C (36 students) attends at 11:30 a.m. with teacher Yanina Vergara.

Tuesday June 13 and Tuesday June 20, the 3rd year (25 students) of Interpretation and Creation in Theater will attend at 11:30 a.m. with Professor Wilson Bascur.

Tuesday June 13 and Tuesday June 20, the Theater workshop with students from different courses (24 students) attends at 15:30 with teacher Maria Teresa Rodriguez.

This experience around the work of national artist Cecilia Vicuña, which invites us to reflect on the territory and our relationship with it. The collective, collaborative, ecological justice, poetry, textile art and art action. The proposal is to create a laboratory that invites the creation of a collective work that can intervene the public space, and that invites others to reflect on the care of nature through the action of art and the creation of a collective log. Proposal focused on textile art as a tool and constructive technique.

2.- Cecrea La Ligua

"Embroider to the touch, a laboratory that calls for reflection on the care of the environment in the territory of Petorca, facilitated by the Textile Brigade collective.

Date and times

From May 25. 22 participants

Creative laboratory where children and adolescents map the places that are significant to them and connect with the memory of water and its value, linking it to the water situation in the province.

Experiencias Creativa Palabrarmas Verdad/ Mentira, facilitated by artist Antonia Taulis.

Date and times

June 23, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

19 participants

In the context of the retrospective exhibition "Soñar el agua" by Cecilia Vicuña, a group of children and young people are invited to be part of the Palabrarmas experience to create a collective graphic with words and papers. They use sets of 4 words of the artist and poet Cecilia Vicuña to build posters and take them to the streets: TRUTH (see and give), LIE (makes the mind pull), SOLIDARITY (sunshine and give and give) and PALABRARMA (the word is the only weapon allowed). It is facilitated by the visual artist Antonia Taulis.


3.- Cecrea Vallenar:

"Glacier, ancient waters" Creative laboratory, facilitated by artist Fernanda Aguilera.

We worked on concepts of territoriality, rituality, poetry, and environmental justice from a collaborative approach.

Date and times

August 11 

13 attendees

4.- Cecrea Valdivia:

Estampas que flotan" laboratory is oriented to the listening and observation of the waters of the Valdivia territory.

Facilitated by Club estampa collective - Estela Morales

Date and times

Fridays September 11, 18, 25 and 01,

16.00 h.

Monday, August 21 and 28, 4:30 pm

19 attendees

Experiencias Creativa: Palabrarmas Mentira/verdad, facilitated by artist Antonia Taulis.

Dates and times:

August 4, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

29 attendees

Creative experience facilitated by the artist Antonia Taulis from Mercvria and her proposal is based on the collective reflection on the ideas of the chosen words and the creation of posters to print them with the objective of making an intervention in the public space with their creations. In this session we worked with the letters and the creation of palabramas by young people from the arts elective at Domus Matter School. The palabramas were pasted in the courtyard of Cecrea. To end the session, the public space was intervened with posters of the series "Palabramas" by Cecilia Vicuña.