Many indigenous schools and intercultural educational projects around the world are now creating experiential models for a new kind of education that values communal knowledge.

Projects by others brings together salient examples of this process to create a place for exchange and mutual learning. We believe that these experiences, often conducted on the small scale of a classroom or community, will be enlarged once they are interconnected. Creative educational practices need to learn from each other, for a commonality within diversity to arise. Bringing them together we hope to create awareness of their power, to build the critical mass of a worldwide movement, which, in turn may influence and inspire changes in the educational system of mainstream societies.

Please contribute to this gathering by sending us links to other projects for inclusion.

National Museum of Fine Arts Teacher training with Centro de Perfeccionamiento, Experimentación e Investigaciones Pedagógicas del Mineduc (CPEIP)

"Dreaming the water, a look at Cecilia Vicuña from formal and non-formal education"