Ekiwah Belendez Adler

Appears in: Poets

Born in Morelos, Mexico, in 1987, Ekiwah Adler-Belendez began writing poems and stories at the age of ten. He sent his writing to the Institute of Culture of Morelos (ICM), and upon reading Ekiwah’s poems, the director of the Institute immediately offered to publish them. In June 2000 Soy (I Am) was published. Ekiwah was twelve years old. He presented the newly published book to a large audience at the Jardí­n Borda in Cuernavaca and became an immediate literary sensation. At fourteen, Palabras Inagotables (Never-ending Words), was published, and at sixteen, Weaver. The latter books were also presented at the Jardí­n Borda of Cuernavaca, causing Elena Poniatowska, one of Mexico’s finest writers and journalists, to hail Ekiwah as “A young Prometheus chained.” Ekiwah was awarded an Honorable Mention for the contest Premio Nacional de la Juventud, (National Prize for the Youth), by the Governor of the State of Morelos. He was twice granted a six-month scholarship by the FONCA (the National Institute for Support of the Arts)-an unusual occurrence, as scholarships are usually not granted to persons his age. Ekiwah has since written and acted in three plays and has begun writing prose. (See link to full bio below)