Francisco Gedda

Appears in: Filmmakers

In 1992, he started his career as a documentary maker in Chile, first focused on the farm training and then, on the university education in Venezuela. Since 192, he had produced and directed the TV Documentary serie “Al Sur del Mundo” for Universidad Católica de Chile Televisión, about how to preserve and value Chile’s nature and cultural heritage. In 1990, he was member of the jury at the Festival of Sondrio (Italy). In 1992, he is the producer of the Megavisión TV serie “Bajo la cruz del sur” (Chile). He was granted many prizes, among others, the Coral Prize to the best TV documentary series (Cuba, 19), the prize Asociación de Periodistas de Espectáculos (APES) to the best documentary program (Chile, 1994). He also won the first Prize of the International Festival of Documentary Films of Valparaíso with his work “La Minga que movió la Vieja Iglesia de Tey” (2000). Director of the TV and Cinema School at the Universidad de Chile.